The potential of 3Dscope & Sketchup for your interior or architecture business

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The idea of 3Dscope didn’t just come out of the blue. We spoke about and explored the possibility of easily exporting panoramic views from Sketchup for years. It wasn’t until late 2022 that we were finally done with the existing options to present interior and architectural work to clients and decided to make our own solution.

3Dscope was born.

A platform that allows you to share and view panoramic views of your Sketchup project from any device; tablets, laptops or mobile phones.

Made a change and want to share it with your client for feedback? Synchronize to 3Dscope and share the link directly. Our Pro subscription even allows receiving feedback from the client right from the page the client views the project in.

Experience the full Sketchup project right from your browser.

Version history

Whenever you sync a project to 3Dscope, it synchronizes the Sketchup file as well as virtual panoramic environments from your scenes. That means that if you’re looking for an object that was placed in your project before but you’re not sure when? Browse through your project versions and find and download the right file within a heartbeat.

Export, view and share within minutes

After you click the 3Dscope icon in Sketchup, your project is created on our platform directly. Sketchup will then generate and upload views on the background and after a few minutes, your project is ready for the world to see!

Curious about 3Dscope?

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